Throwable Snowballs, Holiday Map Decorations & More Coming to Call of Duty Blackout (BO4)

Snowballs Blackout : Holiday Map Decorations - Call of Duty Black Ops 4

During yesterday’s Black Ops 4 livestream, hosted by Treyarch, David Vonderhaar confirmed that a variety of new additions will be coming to Call of Duty Blackout. These are the following: Throwable Snowballs, Weapon Camos, Custom Games, stash interface updates on consoles, in-game promos, gameplay improvements, holiday map decorations, and much more. The main focus however, appears to be the upcoming addition of Blackout Snowballs. Treyarch has provided some intel on the scheduled content, alongside when it’ll be releasing.

Throwable Snowballs in Blackout (Call of Duty BO4)

In the latest Call of Duty Black Ops 4 livestream, Treyarch confirmed that Snowballs, amongst other features will be implemented in Blackout on Thursday, December 12th, first on PS4. As always, Xbox One and PC users will receive this content one week later.

In addition, they also displayed gameplay of Throwable Snowballs in Blackout. Whilst these may seem all fun and games, it is possible to get killed from them. Players will certainly be looking to get game winning kills with this particular aspect, so beware, you’ve been warned.

According to Vahn, Blackout Snowballs are significantly more deadly than Basketballs. Furthermore, judging by this short preview, it seems as if you’ll be able to carry quite a lot of these, in exchange for inventory slots. In terms of being acquired, it appears users can obtain batches of these throughout the entire map.

Holiday Map Decorations

This change is expected to update certain aspects of the Call of Duty Blackout map with a Festive theme. Whilst it isn’t confirmed what exact changes will occur, many fans have been theorising that we may see Christmas Trees, Presents, amongst other additions introduced. In other Battle Royale game, new decorations near Christmas time usually consist of Supply Drops being changes to presents, alongside other Festive features incorporated.

Custom Games

A highly requested feature within the community recently has been to allow players to create their own games in Blackout. In addition to Snowballs, Treyarch have confirmed that this feature will also be making an appearance in Thursday’s update.

Treyarch has only provided detail on some of these additions. Further information will most likely release closer to the launch time. Stay tuned for more intel…

In other news, the latest Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is now available, which has come with a ton of additions to all platforms and modes. Throughout the week, players have witnessed some of the biggest changes yet. The vast majority of which occurred on PS4 only. Therefore, Xbox One and PC players will have a few new aspects to look forward to next week.

Also, with the release of new ones, we’ve compiled a guide on how to unlock Ultimis and IX Zombies Characters in Call of Duty Blackout. Those who have plans to obtain these anytime soon, may want to check it out.


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