RUMOR: Call of Duty Blackout Beta Leaked by EB Games Employee

Call of Duty Blackout Beta - Battle Royale (Black Ops 4)

An EB Games employee from Canada may have leaked a potential upcoming Call of Duty Blackout Beta test.

After going to pre-order a copy of Black Ops 4 at an EB Games the youtuber MrSoldier1HD was told that there will not only be a Private Beta for the standard multiplayer mode of Black Ops 4, but also a beta for the highly anticipated Battle Royale mode, Blackout.

When asked for comment on the developing situation MrSoldier1HD claimed that the EB games employee did indeed tell him that there was going to be two betas over the coming year, one for multiplayer and another for Battle Royale.

This same EB Games employee also supposedly confirmed the recently leaked Digital Deluxe and Digital Deluxe Plus editions of the game, as well as the recently rumoured fourth zombies map that has yet to be revealed by Treyarch themselves.

During our conversation MrSoldier1HD then went on to call the EB Games store he pre-ordered the game from, intending to gain more clarity on the supposed upcoming Blackout Beta.

The EB Games employee then reported that Activision had sent EB Games stores an email about Black Ops 4 in regards to the pre-order with the game, including all of the beta information, and had also said that a Battle Royale beta may be included. The employee specified that they had been told not to share this with employees as Activision was not yet sure if this Call of Duty Blackout Beta was in fact actually going to happen. This employee also said that it was likely Activision were waiting to see what the pre-order numbers for Black Ops 4 ended up looking like, and if they were lower than expected they would release a Blackout beta to increase the sales.

The employee specified that both of the betas would use the same code, meaning that players would not need to receive a second beta code to play in this rumored Blackout beta.

As of yet Gaming INTEL has been unable to verify the existence of a Call of Duty Blackout beta with its own sources, so as with all rumours this should be taken with a hearty pinch of salt.


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