New Blackout Map Alcatraz – Update coming April 2nd

New Blackout Map - Alcatraz

Treyarch have just announced a brand new Blackout map in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Alcatraz will be part of today’s April 2nd update and is now live on PS4.

Prior to this announcement, Alcatraz has been teased in the last few days with a new image surfacing on Call of Duty’s instagram. PS4 players will be able to download this new Blackout map as part of today’s game settings update. The Black Ops 4 1.17 update will come at a future date.

There are some key details regarding this new Alcatraz map. These include upto 40 players and re-deploy is available. This can be played in squads of 1-4 players.

Alcatraz Blackout Map – Xbox One and PC

Xbox One and PC players will be able to download this new map in one week (April 9). For those of you wondering if this is an April fools joke, it isn’t. This new release will probably make you realise how overdue a new Blackout map release from Treyarch was.

New Blackout Map

Hijacked and Ghost Town

Treyarch have previously added new locations to the original Blackout map in the form of Hijacked and Ghost Town. Hijacked was widely acclaimed by fans, so let’s hope that Alcatraz is no different. To be clear, this is a new map.

Blackout Free Trial Access

It has also just been revealed that Blackout will be free to play from today April 2 to April 30. This is going to attract a large amount of players and the new map release will bring many returning players.

Blackout Free Trial Access

You will need an Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus membership to be able to play, however. For those of you who are more experienced, it’s fair to say the average player ability level will be decreased from now to April 30th. This may provide the chance to achieve some very high kill, winning games.

One of Treyarch’s most recent Blackout releases was Hot Pursuit, and Alcatraz operates in a similar format. Blackout has previously lost players to other new battle royales recently, including Apex Legends and Firestorm, however, it seems as though Black Ops 4 Blackout will be coming back to the forefront.


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