How to get more wins in Call of Duty Blackout

How to get more wins in Call of Duty- Blackout

As Call of Duty Blackout was released over four months ago, the current crop of Blackout players will likely be of a very high standard. With this in mind, it is important to know how to maximize your chances of winning.

Firstly, there can be different approaches to become victorious out of 100 players. If you rate yourself at this battle royale mode, an aggressive playing style can reap its rewards. If you’re successful in winning your gunfights, you’ll be able to pick up every last bit of loot from your opponent’s bag.

The loot you retrieve from your opponent can be quite lucrative, this can be from attachments to trauma kits, each of which will only make you stronger in future one on ones. It is important to know when to engage in gunfights however, the most rewarding times will be when you have full health or have the high ground over your opponent/more cover.

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An alternative approach to achieving more wins in Call of Duty: Blackout can be a safe playing style. When the next circle appears on the map, it can be beneficial to head straight to that location as it’s likely no one will be there. That said, you’ll need to take into account the plane line at the start as to whether anyone would have dropped around that area.

Obviously assuming you have sufficient loot, the above will only increase your survival time. The ultimate safe playing style would involve you camping around well-covered areas to adopt a stealth approach against your opponent. Alternatively, you can wait around the edge of the circle under good cover and pick players off for some extra loot.

How to get more wins in Call of Duty- Blackout

Blackout Tips and Tricks

  1. Make sure your armor health is full, this is done through applying armor plates.
  2. Don’t needlessly run out into the open.
  3. Make sure your gun is fully attached.
  4. A quick way to build your inventory can be killing someone and looting them.
  5. Always pick up level 3 armor, even if it’s damaged (you can use armor plates to repair it).
  6. The best weapons include the Paladin, ICR, ABR, and Rampart.
  7. Avoid care packages as they’re highly contested, monitor them at a distance instead to take easy kills.
  8. Headshots avoid the armor, only level 3 armor covers the head.
  9. Don’t use a suppressor if your position is known.
  10. Throw a smoke grenade if you’re struggling to get into the circle.
  11. Stick close to squad mates, your chances of being revived will be much higher.
  12. Use Mesh Mines to block bottlenecks and choke points, depending on the circle.
  13. Save a sensor dart until the final circle, you’ll have a full UAV and much higher chance of winning.

Have these tactics helped you to get more wins? Let us know if you have any other strategies on how to get more wins in Call of Duty Blackout.


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