Call of Duty Blackout Map Changing & Character Skins LEAKED

Call of Duty Blackout Map Changing & Character Skins LEAKED

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information that suggests the Call of Duty Blackout map will be slightly changing. In addition, our source also provided us with a list of some character skins that Treyarch are currently working on.

Blackout Map Changing

When Blackout’s map was shown in its entirety for the first time, via Call of Duty on twitter, they captioned it with “This is Blackout”. However, that isn’t strictly speaking the truth. According to exclusive leaks we’ve received via trustworthy sources, the map that we are getting in the Beta is NOT the completed version. There are at minimum two locations left to be put into Blackout, one of them is regarding Zombies and the other is regarding Multiplayer.

Our exclusive source also said:

“The map also has quite a few hidden secrets. Cracked is somewhere on there, though it is currently unmarked on the OFFICIAL map image. there’s a Lot of underground stuff going on at Nuketown Island too. Nacht is chilling out somewhere… I mean it’s Nacht, it’s always somewhere.”

After crosschecking this information with our team, one of our writers called Matthew Harris, who happens to be correct on previous occasions, confirmed this is legit.

Call of Duty Blackout Character Skins

According to our source, Treyarch themselves don’t even know which character skins will be ready for launch. However, here’s a list of which ones they are currently working on, though whether they make it into the game for launch or at a later date is currently unknown.

  • Harper
  • David Mason
  • Bowman
  • Victis & Ultimis Zombies Crews
  • Brutus (BO4 but scaled down to normal proportions)
  • Monty (BO3)
  • The Shadowman (human form)
  • Maxis (BO3)
  • Dimitri (WaW)
  • Roebuck (WaW)
  • BO3 Versions of BO4 Specialists (Ruin with implants etc.)
  • Reaper
  • Outrider

Both the Shadows of Evil and Mob of The Dead casts have been spoken about in house. But, Due to licensing stuff it is unknown whether these skins will ever make it into the game.

The Beta launch date is currently scheduled to start on September 10th, 2018 at 10am PT, first on PS4. With other platforms to follow a few days later.


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