How to Get Access to the Call of Duty Blackout Beta

How to Get Access to the Call of Duty Blackout Beta

One of the largest franchises to ever grace our consoles is entering a brand new phase tomorrow. As many of you will be aware, over the last 2 years or so, Battle Royale games have blown up as a popular choice amongst gamers. The two largest of which are Fortnite and PUBG, and have cemented this new game type into the everyday pop culture. With children, high-profile celebrities and everyone in between, hooked on the genre, many are expecting mammoth things from Treyarch with the new release of the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta going live.

When Exactly Is the Blackout Beta Going Live?

For those lucky PlayStation 4 players, they will experience an exclusive beta. This is set to start at 10 AM (PT) on the September 10th. This exclusive beta will run through to 10 AM (PT) on the September 14th by which point it will open up for Xbox One players as well. The date for this shared beta will then continue until the September 17th and also be finishing at 10 AM (PT).

Whilst this Beta is running on the console, PC players will be able to experience their own ‘Early Access’ of the beta. This will also start on the September 14th at 10 AM (PT). After this day of ‘Early Access’ all players on PC can experience and Open Beta for free, simply by signing up on The Date for the Open Beta on PC starts September 15th at 10 AM (PT) and runs on through till September 17th at 10 AM (PT).

Blackout Beta times

It should be noted that for the Early Access or Private Betas, a pre-order for Black Ops 4 on the relevant platform is required.

How Can I Download the Blackout Beta?

First, you need to ensure that your digital preorder has gone through. If you are playing on the PS4, this will be completed via the PSN store. If you are Xbox One then that will be via the Xbox Live store. For PC games this will be completed through the purchase on All digital preorders will send you an email to confirm the pre-order and purchase of Black Ops 4.

However, some of you may have purchased the title through other online retailers or either placed an order to purchase a physical copy when the full game is released. In these instances, the supplier will have unique instructions, but the general method will be that they will (or already have) emailed you a redemption code. This will then be input into the relevant store, based on your intended platform.

Another useful piece of information is regarding the recent Multiplayer Beta in Black Ops 4. Treyarch stated that the game file download to play the beta for multiplayer will be the same used for Blackout. The change will simply occur on the client end, therefore if you still have that beta downloaded, there is no need to download another large title. All you need to do is run the update ready for the Blackout Beta, starting as early as tomorrow for some!

One final area of confusion which has been frequently asked over the past few weeks online is

“If I had a code for the Multiplayer Beta will I automatically have access to the Blackout Beta?”

The most straightforward answer is YES! In the same way that the file will automatically change to the new beta, the code you received for the Multiplayer Beta will be the same one used for the Blackout Beta. If you have already entered this into your system, then no further action is required. However, if you have recently ordered Black Ops 4, enter the code provided and begin your download which will preinstall ready for the live Beta.

(Other Beta codes have been provided across the community for either the media, QA testers, YouTubers/Streamers or as part of giveaways. The process for downloading the Blackout Beta remains the same depending on the platform issued.)

So get on out there, “Ambush the opposition”, slay those zombies, find the Gold Weapons, explore the diverse map and get the all-important Victory (along with victory quote)!



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