How to Activate Emergency Broadcast in Array (Wake the Sleeper Agent Blackout – Mason)

Activate Emergency Broadcast in Array (Wake Sleeper Agent Blackout)

Call of Duty Blackout, the Battle Royale addition to Black Ops 4, features a variety of hidden easter eggs and secret in-game challenges. As we surpass the game’s two month anniversary, many players still appear to be unaware of how to activate the Emergency Broadcast in Array. Besides from being featured in the ‘Wake the Sleeper Agent’ Blackout character mission in order to unlock Mason, activating the broadcast in Array can also be used to complete other challenges in-game. To allow users to expand on their challenge completions, we’ve compiled a guide regarding this particular aspect of Black Ops 4 Blackout.

How to Activate Emergency Broadcast in Array – Blackout

Unlike other challenges in Blackout, activating the emergency broadcast in Array is relatively easy, and yet many players are still unaware of the following steps.

  • Firstly, you’ll need to make your way into Array, either straight off the bat or sometime later on in the game.
  • After that, you will need to enter the main satellite building located in the middle of Array (we’ve highlighted this specific area in the image below).

How to Activate Emergency Boardcast in Array - Blackout Map

  • Then, you’ll need to head into the main control room. Once you’re there, one of the panels allows you to interact with it.
  • Once you are at the panel, you’ll need to press X if on Xbox, or Square on PS4.
  • When you have completed the final steps, a loud alarm should be activated throughout the entire Call of Duty Blackout map. No matter wherever you are, in Nuketown or over near the desert in Asylum, this noise can still be heard.
  • Various radios are located all throughout the map, meaning that when you activate the Emergency Broadcast in Array, they will also unveil this sound.

Whilst this aspect is an Easter Egg, there is most likely a deeper meaning to this. However, users are yet to figure out why this addition is in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout.

Wake the Sleeper Agent Blackout Mission – Mason

In addition to being used to unlock the “Stay Tuned” Dark Ops challenge, knowing how to activate the Emergency Broadcast in Array can also help you complete the ‘Wake the Sleeper Agent’ Blackout character mission. This is arguably the hardest requirement for unlocking Mason, once this and all other requirements have been completed you’ll be able to obtain the Blackout Icon.

Once you’ve acquired the “Stained White T-Shirt” mission item, these are the following requirements in order to unlock Mason:

  • Play the match as Reznov
  • Wake the Sleeper Agent (Activate the Emergency Broadcast located in Array)
  • Place Top in Quads, Top 2 in Duos, or Top 3 in Solos
  • The Stained White T-Shirt must be kept in your Inventory


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