Here’s Where the Most Action Takes Place in Call of Duty Blackout

Black Ops 4 - Call of Duty Blackout Heat Map

In the world of Battle Royale games, the next biggest milestone is the release of Call of Duty‘s Blackout. A very different game in approach and mechanics when compared to Fortnite, which is widely regarded as the current face of this genre.

During its Beta phase in early to mid-September, Blackout enjoyed a roaring success! The combination of the diverse yet familiar map with what felt like an infinitesimal combination of weapon/attachment combinations, made the game contain a level of replayability hard to mirror.

Where Was Popular in the Call of Duty Blackout Beta?

With such iconic maps making their way into the Blackout map, where to land seemed like a challenge in itself. The detached island that housed Nuketown, the Northern Estate which introduces Raid to the fringes or even Black Ops 2 very own Hydro map, these have all been enhanced to create this immersive Call of Duty arena.

Many across social media during the Beta, would often revel in the unintended moments during a game where one would enter a familiar territory, or drive by a sign that causes a nerdy Deja-Vu experience.

We all had our own personal favorite locations, but now thanks to @TreyarchPC on Twitter, we have an image that perfectly displays this information.

The locations that saw that most action is visually represented by having the brighter and denser colors. Although the exact parameters for this image are not known, it can be assumed that ‘action’ refers to, landing, looting, interactions, deaths and most important, engagements with other players.

One notable detail is how well spread out the general ‘heat’ seems to be. It is a credit to the team at Treyarch, for being able to design a map which flows seamlessly and provides enough POI’s (Points of Interest) to maintain such a high level of balance. The team on Twitter also went on to elaborate how the heat map data was collected across all platforms and devices throughout the Beta. Again, this serves only to support how even and enticing all parts of the Blackout map appear to be. A visual comparison shows that the main built-up zones and named locations did receive slightly higher traffic levels, but due to the loot/weapons spaws that is to be expected.

Blackout Heat Map comparison

With only 2 days left until Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is officially released (October 12th, 2018), where are you planning on landing first? We would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite locations and what you are most excited about.


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