Call of Duty Blackout Map Update Coming December 11th

Call of Duty Blackout Map Update Coming December 11th

In a recent tweet, Treyarch has confirmed that there will soon be a Call of Duty Blackout map update taking place. Whilst there is no indication on what the exact changes will be, the teaser does showcase the date of the update amongst other potential additions.

On the bottom left of the teaser, it suggests that Tuesday, December 11th will be the official release date of the upcoming Call of Duty Blackout Map Update.

Recently, it appears Neymar Jr. teased the return of ‘Hijacked’. One of his newest pictures showcased a poster of the all-time classic right behind him. Interestingly, the teaser shown above for the Black Ops 4 Blackout map update reveals a blimp in the middle of Construction Site and Nuketown Island. This strongly suggests Hijacked will be a new addition to the latest installment of the series, however we are yet to see any official confirmation.

Prior to this announcement, Treyarch announced that big changes are coming to Blackout next week. In addition, David Vonderhaar confirmed in a recent tweet that version 1.09 is in test. Many are claiming that 1.09 will be even bigger than 1.08. Therefore, it would come as no surprise to see this Blackout map update implemented in the next patch, meaning 1.09 will arrive on Dec. 11.

Before the initial launch of Black Ops 4, Activision revealed that all postlaunch content would make its way into the game seven days earlier on PS4. Therefore, Xbox One and PC players will follow suit on Tuesday, Dec. 18.

In other news, the game settings have changed in the latest Black Ops 4 update. This week’s new rotation of featured playlists are now available. Alongside this, the latest PC update has introduced many other exclusive changes, in addition to the ones made yesterday.


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