Call of Duty Blackout – Everything We Know so Far

Call of Duty Blackout - Black Ops 4 Battle Royale

With Black Ops 4’s recent unveiling on May 17th, Treyarch announced their take on the inexorably popular ‘Battle Royale‘ phenomenon in the “Black Ops way” – Blackout – to compete with the incredibly successful Fortnite and PUBG. In a bold and unprecedented move, they cast aside the traditional campaign mode in favor of embracing this now commonplace game style. But that being said, let’s go over what we know of Call of Duty Blackout so far.


Call of Duty Blackout Gameplay

Like WW2, Black Ops 4 has cast aside futuristic gameplay mechanisms in favor of boots on the ground with no double jump or wall running like Black Ops 3 had. From the teaser trailer, it is clear that like other Battle Royale games players will parachute into the map and use fan-favorite weapons and gadgets from the older games to kill and survive in the hopes of rising as the lone victor. Like multiplayer, there is likely going to be no automatic health regeneration. Players will be able to step in the shoes of a plethora of characters from the Black Ops franchise like Victor Reznov, Alex Mason, Frank Woods, Raul Menendez, Jason Hudson and even the Zombies crew. The last bit is the most interesting as it also entails weapons and equipment from the Call of Duty: Zombies storyline which could hypothetically involve weapons like the Ray Gun, Staffs, etc.


Call of Duty Blackout Map

The mode is designed to integrate the past 10 years of Black Ops franchise shenanigans into one colossal map which is essentially a collection of iconic and memorable map fragments from previous Black Ops games. David Vonderhaar, in the reveal, mentioned that the map is conservatively 1500 times larger than the iconic Nuketown map. Rough estimates have proposed figures of approximately 6 – 7 sq. km in area, which is significantly larger than Fortnite’s map – around 5.5 sq. km in area. Players will be facilitated with a variety of land, sea and air vehicles to navigate through this gargantuan map.

Player Count and Performance

There has been absolutely no official information regarding the exact number of players that can compete in a Blackout game. Typically, Battle Royale games offer support for around 100 players in a game. But considering the fact that 24 has been a standard for the number of players for quite a while in Call of Duty, a jump from 24 to 100 seems exorbitant. Dan Bunting, co-studio head of Treyarch said this to Eurogamer in an interview,

Our approach on this is, it’s not really about player count, because at the end of the day it’s about whatever that experience is designed to be OPTIMIZED for and to have the most fun in.

This would also correlate to Treyarch’s emphasis on performance and quality this year, especially on the PC version of the game.


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