LEAK: Wattson’s Apex Legends Tesla Trap Ability

Apex Legends Wattson Ability Leaked

Gaming INTEL has discovered a new Tesla Trap ability for the upcoming character Wattson in the Apex Legends game files after the latest patch.

New Patches tend to mean new leaks with Battle Royale games, and the latest Apex Legends patch is no exception, giving us an even better look at an upcoming ability for the unreleased character “Wattson”.

NEW INTEL: Apex Legends Update 1.06 Patch Notes (April 3rd)

The new ability is described by the game files as being an “Electric Fence”, and comes with two associated models. One of these models shows the Electric Fence fully constructed, as if it were deployed within the game world, and the other shows just the base of the device.

Apex Legends Tesla Trap

This first look at the new ability doesn’t really give us much of an idea of how the ability could work in the game, other than it being some form of placeable trap that deals damage to enemies if they get too close to it. Perhaps the ability has multiple charges, and if two are placed in proximity to one another they link up to create an impassable electrical barricade.

UPDATE – April 3rd at 8 PM UK: While there appear to be issues with players connecting right now, you can check out our live Apex Legends SERVER STATUS here.

Supporting the idea of this ability being some form of electrical trap are references and files found elsewhere in the game.

In the Localization files of Apex Legends, a new description has been added in the weapons section, it now lists a brand new “Tesla Trap” death quote.

Apex Legends Tesla Trap

It stands to reason that the Apex Legends Tesla Trap and this clearly placeable ability model from above are indeed the same ability. In that case, it is likely that this ability will work in a somewhat similar way to Caustic’s gas traps, only instead of gas, we will be dealing with electricity.

Whether this ability will affect teammates or if the Electric Fence Tesla Trap can link up with others nearby to block off areas with an electrical field we do not yet know, though with more and more Wattson files being added to the game it is likely only a matter of time before she becomes available and we get to finally see her in action.


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