Wall Running Coming to Apex Legends – LEAK

Apex Legends Wall Running

While Apex Legends has plenty of room for improvement, it appears as though Respawn has an array of new major additions to add within the near future. Datamining constructed by Gaming INTEL has uncovered one huge upcoming feature, which seems to be a colossal change to the game.

Apex Legends Wall Running Leaked

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests Wall Running is coming to Apex Legends. The in-game files appear to feature a host of details regarding Wall Running.

Apex Legends Wall Running

Interestingly, the feature was added into the Apex Legends in-game files after the arrival of the second update. That said, it’s likely that Respawn will introduce the addition at some point in the near future. There is currently no indication on when exactly it’ll be making an appearance, as of yet.

While Apex Legends is widely acclaimed due to its iconic futuristic setting and in-game mechanics, Wall Running would certainly be a perfect fit for the game.

With the feature appearing in a variety of other futuristic games, many players should have a rough idea of how it’ll play out. Of course, Respawn will differentiate the addition of Wall Running in some shape or form. Without further ado, let’s take a look into the specifics of this upcoming aspect.

  • The in-game files appear to mention something along the lines of players being granted the ability to wall run vertically, as well as horizontally.

Apex Legends Wall Running

  • It appears as though it uses some type of force. Potentially an external force to give players a boost. The in-game files mention:

“Force things (like superjump and wallrunning)…”

  • There will be limits as to what players can do when Wall Running, suggested via phrases such as “wallrunCeilingLimit” and “wallrun_hangTimeLimit”. Furthermore, the code also mentions “wall_runTimeLimit”, indicating that players will only be able to use the feature for a set period of time.

Apex Legends Wall Running

Apex Legends Wall Running Leaked

  • Potentially, players may show up on enemy radar when Wall Running. This is mere speculation, however, as the in-game files don’t explicitly mention this.

What are your thoughts on Wall Running coming to Apex Legends? Which other features would you like to see arrive?


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