Two New Apex Legends Legendary L-Star Skins Have Been Leaked

Apex Legends Leaked Skins

Gaming INTEL has managed to create renders of two leaked Apex Legends Legendary L-Star skins thanks to new datamining tools.

The program in question allows users to rip models and textures directly from the game files, which can then be displayed and rendered in a compatible render software so we can actually see what the leaked Apex Legends skins look like.

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Using these new methods Gaming INTEL has discovered not just the model for the L-Star, but the models for two of its Legendary Skins as well.

Apex Legends Leaked Skins

This is the basic skin for the L-Star that players will start off with. As with most skinless weapons in Apex Legends it features a rather drab and dreary grey colour scheme, though the hex patterns and the streak of orange through the centre of the skin do serve to liven it up.

Apex Legends Leaked Skins

This is the first of the two Legendary skins for the L-Star that are currently located in the games files, and honestly, it is a little bit disappointing. Obviously from a simple render we can’t get the full impact of the skin, especially considering I have only just started learning the intricacies of rendering textured models this morning, but the retention of the grey colour scheme only broken up by dashes of red seems like a let down for a legendary class skin.

Apex Legends Leaked Skins

Luckily the second legendary skin for the L-Star is infinitely better. This skin is obviously the “Apex Hyperdrive” skin, the name of which GamingINTEL leaked almost a month ago. It fits very closely with the theme laid out by the legendary Bangalore skin “Apex Overdrive”. The model has been completely changed up, it now looks much chunkier and bolted together. Combined with the dirty white grip and red upper portion of the weapon, it’s clear to see that this skin leans further into the idea of Apex being a sport than most of the weapon skins that have been added to the game do.


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