Apex Legends Tracker (Leaderboards) | How to Check Wins & Kills Stats

Apex Legends Tracker (Leaderboards) | How to Check Wins & Kills

Since Apex Legends‘ initial launch, an exorbitant amount of the player base has been wondering how they compare against their opposition. Whilst Respawn has the Apex Legends Tracker / Leaderboards feature pretty well hidden, we’ve compiled a guide on how to check wins and kills stats below.

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Apex Legends Tracker (Leaderboards – Stats)

Technically, Apex Legends doesn’t officially have a leaderboards/tracker feature. Although, there is still a way to check how many kills and wins you’ve racked up over the course of your playing time.

How to Check Wins on Apex Legends

  • Firstly, you’ll need to visit each Legend’s character page.
  • Then, you’ll have the option to review each Legend’s stats, albeit many of them require to be unlocked with 30 Crafting Metals and only reveal one stat.
  • After unlocking every individual stat, which costs approximately 1380 Crafting Metals if you were going to do it for all heroes, players will then be able to tally up their total number of wins.

Apex Legends Tracker / Leaderboards - How to Check Wins & Kills

How to Check Kills on Apex Legends

Once you’ve mastered how to check wins on Apex Legends, you’ll have no problem seeing how many eliminations you have.

  • Initially, you’ll need to go to each hero’s character page.
  • After that, for the price of 30 Crafting Metals, you can reveal how many kills you have received with that character in particular.
  • Once you have continued this process for all the characters you’ve played with, you’ll be able to see how many kills you have throughout your entire Apex Legends career.

Apex Legends Tracker / Leaderboards - How to Check Wins & Kills

Theoretically, there is one option which can make this process significantly cheaper; play as one hero! Some players most likely do this anyway, whereas others may start doing this as of now.

Stats available to track in Apex Legends

As stated above the stats are currently separated for each Legendary Character you have played with.

  • Kills
  • Winning Kills
  • Kills as Kill Leader
  • Damage Done
  • Headshots
  • Finishers
  • Revives
  • Games Played
  • Wins with Full Squad
  • Times Placed Top 3
  • Pistol Kills
  • Shotgun Kills
  • SMG Kills
  • AR Kills
  • LMG Kills
  • Sniper Kills
  • Care Package Weapon Kills

Legendary Character Unique Ability Stats

The following stats can be tracked for each unique ability the following characters have.

Bloodhound – Technological Tracker

  • Eye: Enemies Scanned
  • Eye: Traps Scanned
  • Beast of the Hunt: Kills

Gibraltar – Shield Fortress

  • Dome: Damage Blocked
  • Bombardment: Kills
  • Gun Shield: Damage Blocked

Lifeline – Combat Medic

  • D.O.C. Drone: Healing
  • Droppod: Items for Squadmates
  • Revive Shield: Damage Blocked

Pathfinder – Forward Scout

  • Grapple: Travel Distance
  • Zipline: Times used by Squad
  • Survey: Beacons Scanned

Wraith – Interdimensional Skirmisher

  • Voices: Warnings Heard
  • Phase Walk: Time
  • Rifts: Squadmates Phased

Bangalore – Professional Soldier

  • Double Time: Distance
  • Smoke Grenade: Enemies Hit
  • Creeping Barrage: Damage

Caustic – Toxic Trapper

  • Gas Trap: Times Activated
  • NOX: Gas Damage Dealt
  • NOX: Gassed Enemies Killed

Mirage – Holographic Trickster

  • Encore: Executions Escaped
  • Decoys Created
  • Bamboozles

The main reason as to why Apex Legends’ Tracker / Leaderboards system is such a pain is purely because of how tough it is to acquire Crafting Metals. Players can only obtain Crafting Metals via Apex packs, which users can only get from Apex Coins or leveling up. In addition, users will without a doubt want to spend their Crafting Metals on goods that the game has to offer.

There is currently no indication as to when Respawn will be implementing a proper leaderboard/tracker system into Apex Legends. With more and more players attempting to find their stats and wondering how to check wins on Apex Legends, it’s likely the issue will be brought closer to Respawn’s attention, therefore prompting them to take action.

What are your thoughts on the game’s current player analysis system? Would you like to see it changed in the near future?


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