Titans & Rocket Launchers Coming to Apex Legends – LEAK

Apex Legends Titan leak

GamingINTEL has discovered new leaked files that suggest Titans and a new Rocket Launcher weapon will be coming to Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Titans Leaked

This Apex Legends Titan leak comes in the form of two pairs of audio references.

The first set will be spoken by the in game Host AI when a Titan is called in. The Host AI is the character that tells you when a care package is dropping into the map or the ring is closing in.

When an enemy Titan is called in the Host AI will say “Caution: Titanfall approaching batttlefield”. If you are the one calling in the Titan the HOST AI will instead say the classic “Standby for Titanfall”.

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The second pair of references seem to be spoken by players. One of them will be said when an enemy titan is destroyed, and the other will be spoken when a player spots an enemy Titan. Unfortunately neither of these two references come with any associated quotes in the files.

Apex Legends Rocket Launcher Leaked

Currently none of the weapons in Apex Legends are equipped to deal with a Titan enemy, but other files suggest that a new Rocket Launcher weapon will be coming to the game.

The Rocket Launcher has been found in what appears to be a database of all the weapons that are currently in the game files. It sits next to the recently added “energy_ar”, which we now know as the Havoc.

As we can see from the files the Rocket Launcher weapon will have no attachments. This is somewhat worrying, as currently the only weapons that don’t have attachments in the game come from supply drops. It seems a bit unbalanced to have Titans in the game if the only weapon to counter them with comes from an incredibly rare form of drop.

Other than the fact the Rocket Launcher has no attachments, we don’t really know much about it. There were two rocket launchers in the previous Titanfall games, the Archer Heavy Rocket launcher and the EPG-1, which fired plasma shots instead of actual rockets.


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