Three New Apex Legends Grenade Types Leaked

Three New Apex Legends Grenade Types Leaked

Gaming INTEL has found evidence of three new Apex Legends grenade types within the game files.

Throwables are in a strange place within Apex Legends. Currently, we only have Frag Grenades which are relatively useless, Thermite Grenades which can be used as area denial, and Arc Grenades which trump everything else. But all that is set to change if the game files are to be believed.

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New entries have been found in the weapons list within the Localisation files that suggest there will be three new Apex Legends grenade types added to the game.

Three New Apex Legends Grenade Types Leaked

The first of these is a smoke grenade, which as you may expect will cover a wide area in smoke. Currently only Bangalore and Caustic are able to create smoke, or in Caustic’s case gas. A new smoke grenade will give any character the ability to create a smoke screen for a sneaky escape, or if you have a digital threat, an attack without being seen.

The next entry is something that long term Titanfall fans may be familiar with, the Tick. Currently in Apex Legends we are already well acccquainted with Ticks. They are the small droids that the game uses as loot boxes, and can also be found around the map with valuable game changing items hidden inside. These throwable ticks will be much less friendly, the game files describe them as an automated drone that seeks nearby targets before exploding.

The final new entry is the Orbital Strike. This grenade is described as firing lots of rockets from the sky, so it can be assumed that it will work in a similar way to Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment.

Two of these grenades do sound like abilities of characters, namely Bangalores smoke rockets and Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment. But Gaming INTEL can assure you that these new Apex Legends grenade types are freshly added to the directory, and the abilities of those Legends are listed as completely different things in the files.


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