LEAK: Apex Legends Survival Game Mode, Includes Spectators, Commentators & More


A source close to Gaming INTEL, who goes by the name of @RealApexLeaks, has provided us with exclusive information suggesting that Respawn has plans to release an Apex Legends Survival Game Mode in the foreseeable future.

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Apex Legends Survival Mode Leaked

After scanning through the Apex Legends in-game files, our exclusive source managed to detect an all-new game mode coming to Apex Legends in the future. Apparently, the upcoming major addition to Respawn’s Titanfall-inspired iconic Battle Royale could potentially involve players fighting against Bots, albeit that was merely discussions.


When participating in this mode, players may be in the limelight, just a little. Users will be performing in front of a variety of spectators among a crowd. The members of the Crowd are called NPCs. Our source cross-checked with other files to see if it’d be normal players watching tournaments live, although that, unfortunately, won’t be the case. Of course, to add to the spirit, the crowd will be participating in a host of actions. Here are some of the actions we discovered in the in-game files:

Apex Legends Survival Game Mode

  • Drone
  • Shock
  • Cheer
  • Roar
  • Chant

The crowd’s actions vary depending on their initial feeling (the list above). Here are all the actions the NPC crowd will be doing when the match progresses, some of which are similar to Fortnite emotes:

Apex Legends Survival Game Mode

  • Loop aliases mean they will be repeating their actions for some time. For example, if they’re clapping, they’ll keep repeating a similar clap in a loop.
  • One shot will be a one-time thing. For example, if something astonishing happens, the crowd will just roar only at that point.

In addition to the reactions, Apex Legends’ in-game files also revealed the chances of each reaction taking place:

Apex Legends Survival Game Mode

Allegedly, these chances are a percentage out of 100.


If Spectators wasn’t quite enough, Apex Legends’ Survival Mode will also feature commentators. Throughout each game, commentators will be analyzing players and providing feedback with a host of reactions, once again.

Apex Legends Survival Game Mode

  • “Player did poorly.”
  • “Player did okay.”
  • “Player did well.”
  • “Player did great”

What are your thoughts on the Apex Legends Survival Game Mode? Which additions would you like to see included?


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