Apex Legends Servers Down – Outage on 2nd March

Apex legends Servers Down PS4

Apex Legends players are currently experiencing a server outage. This has been a relatively common occurrence since the game was released, but has often been corrected quickly. Respawn have been providing regular game updates with a huge sudden influx of players, this commonly causes technical issues and is often the case for a new game.

Apex Legends Servers PS4

On 2nd March at 03:21 GMT our live Apex Legends Server Status monitor has currently detected an outage. PC and Xbox are so far fine, however this could change and has done on previous outages.

A common error message players are seeing:

Disconnect: PersistenceReadComplete for data storage ‘Respawn’ failed.

This particular error message has been spotted before during the servers being down and doesn’t seem to be specific to anyone, other than the an overall server outage or bug.

It is particularly important to note an update is due within the next few days for Apex Legends (1.05) and changes may be happening to prepare for this. With changes often come server issues and bugs, this is not guaranteed to be the cause but is definitely a realistic theory. There has not yet been any official acknowledgment from Respawn stating servers are down or why they are facing issues.

We have had various reports of the servers being down via tweets, including an infinite load screen where the loading animation just keeps going round (as shown below).

Apex Legends Infinite Load Screen

Stay tuned for updates, and remember to check our live server status monitor linked above in this post. It automatically checks for outages on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



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