RUMOR: Apex Legends Season 1 Release Date & First New Character Leaked

Apex Legends Season 1 Release Date & First New Character Leaked

It appears as though some very important information regarding Apex Legends has been leaked. Two recent Reddit posts seem to have leaked the Apex Legends Season 1 release date and the first new character.

Apex Legends ‘Octane’ Character Rumored

There are currently eight characters in the game, six of which are already unlocked, while the remaining two need to be purchased with in-game currency. No new Legends have been released as of yet, but it looks like Respawn have their first new character on the way.

Named ‘Octane’, this new Legend was leaked in a recent Reddit post. To understand how this leak came about, a reply to this post details how “the roommate of someone on the Apex team snapped this with their phone from the employee’s work computer while they weren’t paying attention.”

Leaked new Apex Legends character, 'Octane'.

The Battle Pass offers an array of items for players to get their hands on, including new loot and new weapons.

Apex Legends Octane Abilities

Despite Octane’s abilities not yet being revealed, it appears there is still information which potentially unveils what the character will bring to the table.

Stimpacks from Titanfall 2 will allegedly be making a return, as part of Octane’s abilities. In Titanfall 2, Stimpacks can be used to increase your speed for a short period of time and heal a portion of your health. Whether this potential addition to the game will be similar or not, is currently unknown.

New Intel: Apex Legends Season 1 Release Date – When Is It Coming Out?

Apex Legends Season 1 Release Date Apparently Leaked

After the new Legend ‘Octane’ was leaked, it was quickly deleted because it was taken illegally. Furthermore, it seems as though Respawn can’t keep their upcoming releases from the Apex Legends community. Another recent Reddit post appears to have leaked the Apex Legends Season 1 release date.

Leaked Season 1 Battle Pass release date.

This Reddit post details again how Octane is the next Apex Legend and also says “Expect the season 1 battle pass two weeks from now. Around the 12th.” The Battle Pass is eagerly awaited by players and it looks as though we’ll be getting it in just over one week.

This information hasn’t been officially revealed by Respawn, so we can’t be sure that these leaks are legitimate. Nonetheless, are you eagerly awaiting the Battle Pass and potentially playing with the new character, ‘Octane’?


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