Respawn’s April Fools Plans for Apex Legends Leaked


Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information, which suggests Respawn Entertainment has a host of surprises in store for Apex Legends on April Fools.

Prior to this leak, speculation as to what Respawn would have in mind for Apex Legends on April Fools day was first prompted with a comment on Reddit via u/Jayfresh_Respawn.

The comment was in reply to an in-game idea for April Fools, surprisingly enough. Reddit u/agius94 expressed his thoughts, suggesting that Respawn should turn on fall damage for April Fools.

The idea was widely acclaimed from fans and even the Respawn Community Manager. They praised the idea, although didn’t exactly confirm it would be arriving. One thing they did confirm, however, was that the Respawn team were discussing “fun things to do with Apex this year.”

Despite them not revealing much, it quickly became apparent that April Fools would be the perfect opportunity to implement something special into the game for a limited time.

April Fools Events for Apex Legends Leaked

In addition to the Reddit post, Gaming INTEL has since received exclusive intel to suggest an array of surprises are coming to Apex Legends, in celebration of April Fools. Datamining constructed by Gaming INTEL has seemingly revealed Respawn’s plans.

Apex Legends April Fools Leak

The in-game files suggest that the recently leaked Rodeo vehicle will tie into the events planned for April Fools. Previous leaks by Gaming INTEL have indicated at the arrival of NPCs. It appears as though the NPC can ride the Rodeo Car.

Interestingly, the in-game files mention the following right underneath “April Fools”.

“global enum eRodeoSpots_Pilot


global enum eRodeoSpots_Pilot


While there has been no official confirmation from Respawn, details of what exactly this could mean are merely discussions. Potentially, players will encounter some sort of “Piggyback” prank when attempting to jump onto the vehicle on April Fools day.

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Despite the leak not providing a great deal of detail, there is still one thing it does confirm. Respawn’s plans for April Fools will allow players to encounter a host of interesting surprises.


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