Respawn Could Have a Few Surprises for Apex Legends on April Fools

Apex Legends Fall Damage April Fools

Following an influx of Apex Legends server issues, Respawn has since mentioned some of their upcoming plans for the game. In a recent post on Reddit, u/Jayfresh_Respawn discussed the possibility of fall damage and other fun surprises being implemented in celebration of April Fools.

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The initial post via u/agius94 reads;

“For April Fools, Respawn should turn fall damage on.

The amount of people falling to their deaths would be a sight to see.”

In response, Respawn made the following comment;

“Ha! I think we’ve actually talked about that when scheming fun things to do with Apex this year [not saying we’re doing this. All great minds right?]”

The exception of fall damage is a key aspect of Apex Legends as it significantly increases the speed of each player’s game, perfectly fitting in with the game’s futuristic setting. Respawn most likely implemented no fall damage to differentiate from other Battle Royale games, a fundamental reason as to why Apex Legends is so successful. Thus, if Respawn were to introduce fall damage in celebration of April Fools, the feature would without a doubt only be available for a short period of time.

The post doesn’t specifically indicate that fall damage will be coming to Apex Legends, albeit it does suggest Respawn has some surprises up their sleeve for April Fools. Whilst many players would be disappointed to be killed via this feature, one thing’s for sure, it would all be in good spirit!

In addition to the possibility of fall damage, the comment prompted other ideas from the community, some rather hilarious ones. For example, one Reddit user suggested a variety of animation and screen effects to confuse players.

What are your thoughts on Respawn introducing something out of the ordinary for April Fools? Which new features would you like to see added for a limited time? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Reddit


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