Apex Legends Reddit User Proposes New Character Concept

Apex Legends Character Concept

While Respawn’s smash-hit Battle Royale still has plenty of room for improvement, one Apex Legends Reddit user has unveiled a new character concept which they think should be implemented in-game.

Current Apex Legends Characters

There are eight characters in Apex Legends, and as per their Roadmap, we’ll be getting two new Legends this month as part of Season 1. With the Battle Pass rumored to be released on March 12th, you can expect to see new Legends released at this time or slightly later.

New Apex Legends Character Concept

In a recent Apex Legends Reddit post, ‘Tsenos’ proposed a new character called D.U.M.M.I.E. This stands for Digital, Utility, Marksman, Intelligent, and Example. This appears to be a very well thought out Legend concept, with various interesting abilities.

Apex Legends Character Concept - DUMMIE

Passive Ability

The first ability is ‘Passive Mimic’ which enables you to place a grenade in any supply drop, crate or deathbox to booby-trap it. You can hide inside deathboxes until shot or interacted with and your own deathbox is always rigged with all your grenades.

Tactical Ability

The second ability is ‘Tactical Deathbox Over Here’ which allows you to spawn a fake, destructible deathbox that can be used for cover or deception. It will include four charges.

Ultimate Ability

The third ability is ‘Ultimate Hot Drop’ where you can call down a booby-trapped supply package that steers slightly towards enemies while falling.

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D.U.M.M.I.E is yet to be given a play style, but nonetheless, these abilities are intriguing to say the least. Furthermore, the design of this new Legend lives up to its name and its abilities. This concept is very detailed and could be a character that Respawn need to consider releasing within the near future.

There were some interesting replies to this new Apex Legends concept, but the top one was from ‘ShyneGet’: “I’d never feel safe looting bodies again lmao.” This shows how players would need to re-think their playing strategy if this Legend was added to the game.

Do you want to see this new character released by Respawn? Would this new Legend be the best one yet in Apex Legends?


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