Apex Legends Ranked “Leagues” Mode Leaked

Apex Legends Ranked “Leagues” Mode Leaked

Gaming INTEL’s exclusive dataminers have discovered files referencing a new leaked Apex Legends ranked Leagues mode.

Dataminers have discovered a wide array of files relating to this new leaked Apex Legends ranked Leagues mode which may shed some light on the future of competitive play in the game.

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The leaked Apex Legends ranked mode files that have been uncovered seem to mainly reference a ticket system that will allow players to compete in the ranked mode. These tickets will be gifted to players for free every so often, as we can see from the strings that tell players when they will receive their next ticket. They will also be earnable through challenges that the player can complete, though these challenges will be limited to a certain number at a time.

Apex Legends Ranked “Leagues” Mode Leaked Apex Legends Ranked “Leagues” Mode Leaked

However, it seems that acquiring a ticket won’t be an immediate entry into the world of ranked. If our understanding of the strings in the files are correct earning a ticket puts you into a free qualification timer, during which you can engage in qualification matches to try and enter the ranked leagues. If you pass through the qualification run you can enter the leagues proper, and if you don’t you have to try again.

Alternately it seems that there is also a string of code that allows you to purchase qualification outright. This means that you would skip past the qualification process entirely and immediately enter the leagues mode proper.

While playing through Leagues it seems that you will earn points, which will place you into differently named Leagues. Like ranked modes in other free to play games the league you end up in will grant you a reward at the end of the ranked season, the higher your league the higher quality the reward you will receive.

The files do not tell us when this Apex Legends ranked Leagues mode will become active, but with the first season of the Battle pass just around the corner we will likely find out sooner rather than later.


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