Apex Legends Prophet Abilities Leaked


Gaming INTEL’s exclusive dataminers have uncovered an unexpected leaked Apex Legends ability for the unreleased character Prophet.

After searching deep in the Apex Legends files a dataminer exclusive to Gaming INTEL has managed to find a new leaked Apex Legends ability for the character Prophet, who has yet to be released or even announced by Respawn Entertainment.

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This leaked Apex Legends ability is called “Precog” in the files, and is listed as a HUD element. Essentially, this is the file related to the on-screen image that tells you if your ability is ready to use or not.

Apex Legends Prophet Abilities Leaked

Considering that this leaked Apex Legends ability belongs to a character known as Prophet we can assume that “Precog” is in fact short for Precognition.

The definition of precognition is the foreknowledge of an event, especially as a form of extrasensory perception. In other words, knowledge of future events.

An ability that lends players some degree of future knowledge in a Battle Royale title is an interesting concept, and could be employed in a variety of ways. From a passive that tells you where loot is on the map or where future supply drop locations might be, to knowing where the final circle will eventually end up.

As of right now there is no indication on when Prophet and their new leaked Apex Legends ability will be making it into the game. Unlike the character Octane, which Gaming INTEL previously leaked to be releasing on the eighth week after the release of Apex Legends, there are no strings that give us a release window.

While players may be worried that this new leaked ability may sound strong, future knowledge is always a strong ability to have in a competitive setting Respawn have done a pretty good job at balancing their game so far, and it’s probably going to be a while before Prophet sees the light of day in any case.


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