Pack Bug Confirms Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass Should Already Be Live

Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass

An Apex Pack bug displayed while Apex Legends players open Loot Boxes shows that the Season 1 Battle Pass should already be live.

While opening Apex Packs the streamer “StreamSG” was met with a very unexpected error, one that seems to confirm the season one battle pass should already be live.

Throughout the course of his stream StreamSG had been opening many Apex Packs, when suddenly he was greeted by the following message:

“An error occurred on the server. Please try again later. Some items in the Apex Pack have not been authored in-game yet.”

As we can see in the clip it seems as if StreamSG was only granted two items from his Apex Pack, logically that would suggest the third item in the pack was the one causing the bug.

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From the wording of the bug itself, and unconfirmed reports of conversations with EA Support, it is likely that the bug was caused by the Apex Servers attempting to distribute items to players that haven’t actually been put into the game yet. This would cause the game to read an item ID that it could not find in the game files, prompting the bug report to display.

Considering this is the first time we have seen this bug spring up, and all the hubbub around the supposed 12th of March Season 1 release date, it’s safe to say that the items in question were probably related to the new Octane character which has yet to be added to the game.

While we currently do not know why the season was delayed from its initial March 12th release date it may have something to do with an exploit that allowed players to obtain 1000 Apex Coins for free on PC. This was done by abusing an advanced launch option command line that gave players the EA Access rewards without having to pay the cost of subscription.


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