Has the Next Apex Legends Character Been Leaked?

Next Apex Legends Character

Although Wattson has only recently been released, our attention is now directed at the next Apex Legends character. Season 3 of the popular Battle Royale may be a while away. Nevertheless, a new leak has surfaced online courtesy of the in-game files – and it has supposedly revealed the name of the upcoming Apex legend.

Respawn has only released two post-launch characters thus far, Octane and Wattson. Now, another seems to be on the horizon.

Who is the Next Apex Legends Character?

It appears as though the next Apex Legends character will be called “Buddy”, although Respawn is yet to comment on the matter.

The suppose information has come from dataminer The Gaming Merchant, who claims to have scrolled upon few audio files in the in-game files. The refercnes to Apex Legends’ Buddy character can be found below.

  • “buddy_land_slime_3p”
  • “buddy_sprint_slime_3p”
  • “buddy_crouch_brokenglass”
  • “buddy_crouch_brush”
  • “buddy_crouch_concrete”

While datamined files usually do resemble upcoming additions to the game, it isn’t necessarily the most reliable of methods. Within Apex Legends, in particular, some aspects can be from Titanfall files whereas others can be subject to change.

Although the next Apex Legends character being called “Buddy” seems like a fair possibility, there’s also the chance the files are referring to something entirely different.

We advise fans remain somewhat skeptical until Respawn confirms anything themselves, irrespective of how legitimate datamining may seem.

Apex Legends Buddy Release Date

When is the next Apex Legends character coming out, you may ask? Buddy, assuming it is an upcoming Apex Legends character, might not be the next to release – they could arrive sometime in the future still though. That said, they probably will be the next major addition to the game.

Buddy will presumably launch alongside the next season, which is slated for release in September 2019. An exact ETA is currently unknown.

Next Apex Legend Abilities

The files have not revealed any information on the suppose character’s abilities. However, we expect details regarding the abilities to surface a few weeks prior the next Apex Legends character launch.

Throughout the past few weeks, many players have speculated and believe Crypto is the next legend. The character would presumably grant players with specialist hacking abilities. With the latest information to arise this might not be the case, however.

In other news, the dataminer also claims to have discovered refernces towards giant spiders within the game. The sound file supposedly mentions “AB_MIST_SPIDERS”.


  1. Will they bring the two highlighted supply drops at the beginning of the match again? Really made things interesting from the get go.


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