New Titan Weapon Models Found In Apex Legends Files


Gaming INTEL has found three new Titan weapons in the Apex Legends files.

The addition of Titans to Apex Legends has been a much debated, and leaked, topic since the release of the game almost two months ago. Gaming INTEL has now found even more evidence pointing to their eventual inclusion in the game.

Apex Legends Titan Weapon Models

Three new Titan weapon models have been found in the Apex Legends game files, which we have also rendered.

The first of these weapons is named “w_titan_incendiary_trap” in the files, and was not present during the previous patch. This weapon was also present in Titanfall 2, and functioned much as you would expect. It was used by the Scorch class titan and would spray a large amount of flammable gas over an area, which could then be detonated with the Scorch Titan’s T-203 Thermite Launcher and Firewall abilities.

Apex Legends Titan Weapons

The second of the models was called “atpov_titan_raptor_rocket_pod_right”, and was also not present during the previous patch. The Raptor Rocket pod does not seem to have the same name as any other weapon in the Titanfall series, though it is very likely that the file name of the weapon and the in game name of the weapon are two different things. In which case it is likely the Rocket Salvo, which launched an unguided swarm of rockets.

Finally we have the “titan_trip_wire”, which as you’ve probably guessed by this point was not present in the previous patches files. The Tripwire was another ability from Titanfall 2, used by the Ion class of Titan. It was a trio of laser triggered explosive mines that are fired in an arc from the Ion Titan. If an enemy goes through the laser created by the tripwire all three of the mines will explode.

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While all three of these weapons appear to have been in previous Titanfall games it is odd that they have only been added to the files now, implying that Respawn may still be up to something with the hulking behemoths despite claiming that they are not.


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