New Apex Legends SMG And Beam Weapon Have Been Leaked

A New Apex Legends SMG And Beam Weapon Have Been Leaked

Two new leaked Apex Legends weapons have been found in the games files, and one will make fans of Titanfall very happy.

Apex Legends New Weapons Leaked

While searching through the files of the game Gaming INTEL was able to uncover two new leaked Apex Legends weapons, the C.A.R. SMG and the Proto Hold Beam.

Fans of the Titanfall series will recognise the C.A.R. SMG, it appeared in both the first and second Titanfall game. In these games the C.A.R. was a slower firing SMG that had a much larger damage per shot and much less recoil than other SMGs in the game.

In Apex Legends it would be likely that this new leaked weapon would fall somewhere between the R-99 SMG and the R-301 Carbine, which are each two of the strongest weapons in the game.

The second of the two new leaked weapons, the Proto Hold Beam, seems to be a completely new addition to the Titanfall Universe.

The weapon’s description claims that the weapon drains energy from robotic targets so that you can redirect it toward enemies. This new leaked weapon description confuses things, as only the loot ticks and the Legend Pathfinder are currently the only targets that could be considered to be robotic in the game.7

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There is a chance that, if Titans are in fact intended to at some point enter the game, this new leaked weapon may be intended as an anti-titan weapon. If this is the case it will likely function in a similar way to the Charge Rifle from Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2.

The Charge Rifle was a weapon that fired an energy beam to inflict massive amounts of damage upon an enemy. Holding the trigger would charge the weapon, and it would fire automatically when reaching a full charge. This does sound somewhat similar to the new leaked Hold Beam weapon.


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