New Exploits Allow Apex Legends Hackers To Steal IP Addresses

Apex Legends Hackers

Members of the hacking site “Unknown Cheats” have discovered that Apex Legends hackers can use exploits to discover your IP.

Users of the hacker forum “Unknown Cheats” have discovered a series of powerful exploits that could give hackers the ability to take complete control of Apex Legends’ networking.

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The post, made by forum user Unstuck, first discovered the exploits. He claimed they were easy to guess and implement, and that users who know what they are doing would be able to track players, get player info, track lobbies and even force your way into specific lobbies or crash them.

New Exploits Allow Apex Legends Hackers To Steal IP Addresses

Savvy hackers, using these exploits, are able to chat in any lobby they want, join any lobby they want, kick any player from any lobby they want, take any server they want offline, change any players nickname in a lobby and even stop the game from creating new servers, which would essentially lead to the game dying for everyone trying to play. There have even been reports of players managing to break the game so hard through the poor security around networking that they have created lobbies with four players instead of three.

New Exploits Allow Apex Legends Hackers To Steal IP Addresses

Of course, the most dangerous of all the things these hackers are able to do is get your IP Address. With your IP Address a hacker would be able to find your location data, and with that, they may be able to find out loads of other information about you to use to their benefit.

The hackers who discovered this exploit claimed it was all down to poor PHP Pages, their chat server implementation and the client to server implementation.

Respawn Entertainment is yet to comment on the existence of these exploits, and we can only hope that they patch the holes in their security before these hackers do anything too malicious.


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