LEAK | Five New Anti-Titan Weapons Found In Apex Legends


GamingINTEL has discovered five new Anti-Titan class weapons in the Apex Legends game files.

Apex Legends Anti-Titan Weapons

While Respawn is adamant that Titans have been ruled out for Apex Legends more and more Titan based files have been showing up since the latest patch, and now GamingINTEL has discovered five new Anti-Titan weapons in the game files.

Apex Legends Anti-Titan Weapons

The first of these weapons is called the EPG in the game files, and was called the EPG-1 in previous Titanfall games. The EPG is an Energy Propelled Grenade launcher, and while it wasn’t strictly an Anti-Titan weapon it was still fairly effective against weaker Titans.

Apex Legends Anti-Titan Weapons

Next up in the files is the ARL. For some reason the textures in the files would not work on this weapon, though they did exist. At first glance this model looks like it could be the Titanfall 1 Sidewinder, but while similar the model does look slightly different. Though without working textures we can’t really be sure.

Apex Legends Anti-Titan Weapons

The files also contained a separate model for this weapons projectiles, which strangely enough does have working textures. They are very clearly some sort of micro-rocket, which only lends weight to the theory of the ARL being some sort of Sidewinder.

Apex Legends Anti-Titan Weapons

Next up is the Charge Rifle. GamingINTEL has covered this weapon in previous leaks in the past, where we found localization quotes referring to the gun. It’s an Anti-Titan gun with a 2.3 second charge time, though with a good aim it could take out enemy Pilots pretty easily too.

The Softball is up next. In Titanfall 2 this was an Anti-Armor Grenade Launcher weapon that could fire out sticky grenades to take down Titans and enemy pilots alike.

The final weapon found in the files was dubbed the Shoulder Rocket SRAM v2though from a cursory glance it is pretty clear that this weapon is probably the Archer Heavy Rocket. This was another weapon where the textures, for some inexplicable reason, just didn’t want to work.

Apex Legends Anti-Titan Weapons

Like the Sidewinder this weapon featured a separate Projectile file, which had working textures. The weapon seems as if it would fire off giant rockets, which would be sure to deal some damage.

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It is strange that, after Respawn stated that Data Mining was something that can’t necessarily be trusted as accurate, all of these files would appear freshly in the game. We at GamingINTEL are cautioning restraint when it comes to the hype, or perhaps fear, that these Anti-Titan weapons might inspire. It may be that Respawn is trying to fool Data Miners as an early April Fools, or that there was some sort of mistake in updating the game.


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