Netcode Analysis of Apex Legends reveal certain issues

Netcode Analysis of Apex Legends reveal certain issues

Youtuber Batte(non)sense, known for his game reviews and netcode analysis – is not impressed with Apex Legends’ poor netcode.

Apex Legends‘ huge success outshine some of its major problems. Reaching a 25 million player count within a week is no mean feat, but the connection issues and server instability threaten a major decrease in their player count unless fixed soon.

Battle(non)sense goes into the finest of details in his video to explain why he thinks the netcode of Apex Legends is poor.

Apex Legends Network Lag/Delay Between 2 Players

Netcode Analysis of Apex Legends reveal certain issues

From his analysis, it’s pretty clear that the network lag between damage, gunfire, and movement was really high in comparison with other games.

Apex Legends Lag Compensation Tests – High Ping vs Low Ping

Lag doesn’t only affect the player experiencing it, but others playing with the affected player too. A test between ping comparison shows that a player with a higher ping would be able to hit a moving opponent at his previously registered position.

For example, a player with 325ms ping was able to hit a player who was well behind the wall and couldn’t even be spotted.

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Staff at Respawn Entertainment Reply

The staff at Respawn Entertainment are certainly working tirelessly to fix all known issues. Recently on Reddit, they posted saying that they’ve fixed most of the issues and they’ll push an update on Tuesday. They’ve already pushed 2 pre-season patches with many bug fixes and other changes. We should expect some major changes in the upcoming patch.

Also, @RespawnJobs recently tweeted about opening recruitment for some jobs and are looking for Senior Network Engineers too. In the Job Listing, they clearly state that they’re looking for someone who could “work on a very complex netcode system – client prediction, client/server architecture, where the server simulation is authoritative and clients aren’t trusted.”

Hopefully, the staff at Respawn Entertainment will fix the current issues with their netcode soon. Many players are already outraged because of the many connection issues and server instability. As stated above, unless fixed soon Apex Legends will lose a lot of players.

Check out Battle(non)sense’s video here:


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