Apex Legends Leaks: Hover Tanks, Launchpads, Custom Games & More

Apex Legends Leaks- Hover ships, Launchpads, Custom Games & More

Apex Legends has taken the world by storm since its initial release (February 4th, 2019). With the launch, the game has taken a rise with a total of 25 million players. With all these players there has been a lot of speculation and a host of new Apex Legends leaks have given some indication as to what we can expect in the future.

Apex Legends Leaks

Hover Tanks

Many ideas came to mind when the leak of Hover Tanks hit the vicinity. But, the main idea that has come to many minds is whether the Hover Tanks will be like the current loot ships covering different routes throughout the map. Player’s can land on loot ships at the initial start of the game, and they occasionally land in certain locations on the map. But, this leak could also mean they’re in the works of fixing a glitch where if you die upon one of those loot ships your loot won’t float off while the ship while it is still moving. Or should we expect a new vehicle added to Apex Legends in the future? Hover tanks can mean a lot of different things to expect within the game.


Launchpads could really change the pace of the game. Launchpads have been used in other Battle Royales to help speed up players getting from one place to another. Currently, Apex Legends holds balloons where you could launch from and redeploy/glide to a location on the map, but launchpads could really increase how fast players can get to the first circle and launch into gunfights. In addition, this feature would fit the futuristic setting of Apex Legends perfectly.

Custom Games

Custom games have been in question since the initial launch of the game and it looks as though we might be able to see soon whether or not we will be receiving custom games. Shroud, a pretty well-known streamer whom of which also helped with some of the in-game fundamentals, mentioned on his stream, “Once they add the ability to make custom games, eventually we’ll be playing each other in tournaments.” Shroud was hinting at it after the Twitch Rivals Challenge and I’m pretty sure everyone would love to see it happen.

Other Apex Legends Leaks

  • Twitch Prime Package
  • PS Plus Package
  • New various skins for characters, and weapons
  • New various banners

Source: Twitter


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