Leaked Apex Legends Character Audio Confirm Titans And More!

Apex Legends Leaked Audio

Gaming INTEL has managed to uncover in game Apex Legends leaked audio in which characters make references to Titans.

Apex Legends Titans Leaked

In what seems to be the final nail in the coffin for Titans arriving in Apex Legends Gaming INTEL has manipulated the game in such a way that characters have started saying the word “Titan”, amongst other leaked audio quotes.

In the video we can hear Pathfinder being forced to repeatedly say a number of phrases. The first of these is “Stalker, danger close”, followed by “Titan”, then “Reaper”, “Infected Coming In”, and finally “Spectre on me”.

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Leaked information regarding Titans has been coming thick and fast when it comes to Apex Legends, but this feels like the final nail in the coffin to confirm their eventual release into the game. It’s one thing to have unused code strings that could have been left over from past Titanfall games, but something else entirely to have voice actors saying the word Titan.

Apex Legends Leaked Audio

More interesting is the other phrases. Stalkers, Reapers and Spectres are all enemy types from previous Titanfall games. They are all robotic ground enemies, with Spectres being the weakest followed by Stalkers and then finally the much bigger Reapers. It is unknown how these AI enemy types may factor in to Apex Legends, though Gaming INTEL has previously uncovered references to bots in the game files.

The other interesting quote regards “infected” characters approaching the player. This seems like it may tie into the “Recruit” mode that Gaming INTEL previously uncovered in the game files, in which players are able to infect players to join their team after downing them in a similar war to Halo’s Infected mode.

While these audio quotes are currently in the game we have no way of knowing when Respawn plans to add Titans or any of the other AI enemy types into the game, though with Season 1 just around the corner it may come sooner than we might expect.


  1. Titans have been the reason why I never played “Titanfall” or “Titanfall 2”. I´ve never been a fan of Mech-themed games or novels.
    So I was quite happy with no Titans beeing in Apex so far. Their implementation would just ruin the game for me.


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