LEAK: New Apex Legends “Recruit” Limited Time Mode

Apex Legends Recruit Limited Time Mode Leaked!

A new leaked Apex Legends mode named “Recruit” has been found in the game files, allowing players to revive downed enemies to convert them to their team.

New Apex Legends Limited Time “Recruit” Mode

Gaming INTEL has uncovered a new leaked apex legends mode in the files of the game which appears to involve recruiting enemy players to your team.

The files make reference to a global function, essentially a command for the entire server, that enables players to either recruit or revive players on the map while playing this leaked Apex Legends mode.

The First Apex Legends Limited Time Mode Has Leaked!

From what we can see in the files the leaked Apex Legends mode will work somewhat similarly to the Infection mode that has been seen in Call of Duty games. When you kill a player, and subsequently revive them, they will be added to your team. Eventually, only one team will remain and that team will then become the winners.

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If we are reading the code strings of the leaked Apex Legends mode correctly there will be three teams of 20 players, and the winning team will be the team that is the last one standing.

The entire ruleset for this new leaked Apex Legends mode is not yet known, the files only give us a very limited look at how the Recruit mode may end up eventually playing. We don’t know how many times someone will be able to switch teams, if the initial starting point of 20 players is a hard limit or if team sizes can increase with new recruits, or if new recruits are just added to your team in order to bolster your numbers back up to that 20 player maximum.

This leaked Apex Legend mode is likely to be a limited time mode in a similar way to Fortnite’s limited time modes, it will show up as a separate playlist that you can choose from the matchmaking menu for a limited amount of time.


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