LEAK: Team Deathmatch Coming Soon to Apex Legends

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Leak

Respawn’s smash-hit Battle Royale is iconic for a variety of reasons, albeit the number of modes available to choose from certainly doesn’t play a part in that. Whilst it does have the standard last-man-standing wins, as with all Battle Royale games, players still don’t have an enormous range of game modes to pick from. Exclusive information which Gaming INTEL has received from one of our sources suggests that an Apex Legends Team Deathmatch mode is on the horizon, expected to release within the foreseeable future.

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Game Mode Leaked

Prior to this leak, in particular, Gaming INTEL also received exclusive information which indicated that an Apex Legends Survival mode is in the works. As we still stand by this original leak, it appears Respawn Entertainment has a host of new additions to introduce within the near future. One being Survival and the other, of course, is Team Deathmatch.

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch

Whilst the in-game files were very vague with Apex Legends’ Team Deathmatch mode, there isn’t much indication as to what we can expect. Although, other popular Battle Royale titles, such as Epic Games with Fortnite, have previously altered their games to introduce many new modes. Therefore, we can get a rough idea of how things might plan out.

Fortnite is primarily iconic due to the differentiation of fun modes available for users to play. However, to ensure that their Battle Royale experience remained the priority, the majority of new modes that were introduced were only available for a very limited time. It’s likely Respawn will follow suit and release Apex Legends Team Deathmatch and Survival as LTMs.

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Typically, Team Deathmatch in other games has a kill and time limit. In Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for example, the first team to reach 75 kills wins the game. Whether Respawn decides to produce their own take on Team Deathmatch, or follow the same pattern as other alike games, is currently unknown.

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