LEAK | New Apex Legends Unreleased Character Ability Found

Apex Legends Unreleased Character

GamingINTEL has discovered one of the abilities for the currently unreleased character Nomad in the Apex Legends game files.

Apex Legends Nomad Ability Leak

GamingINTEL has uncovered a file named “ptpov_nomad_loot_compass_LOD0.semodel” within the model files of Apex Legends, which may give us a hint toward the nature of the abilities of the unreleased character “Nomad”.

Apex Legends Unreleased Character

As we can see the file in question refers to a new “Loot Compass” in relation to Nomad. As with anything found in the files we have to try to figure out what the ability could be from the smallest pieces of information, luckily this ability seems to be pretty cut and dry.

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A loot compass should, theoretically at least, act as some kind of in game indicator toward loot, though in truth that could manifest in the game as a number of different potential abilities.

One way this ability may work is by simply pointing players toward the nearest loot bins or loot drops, though this feels as if it would be a fairly useless version of the ability considering loot bins are everywhere.

Alternately the loot compass may work in a similar way to something like Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass in the Pirates of The Caribbean movie series. In that series Jack’s compass would point him toward the thing that he desires most in the world. What is the thing that Battle Royale players crave the most? High value loot! An interesting way for the loot compass to work would be to point players in the direction of the nearest Golden item, or the highest tier item in general.

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We don’t know when Nomad will be added to the game, but he could end up being a highly valuable support character if this first ability is anything to go by.


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