LEAK: Dragon-like Flyers Coming to Apex Legends


Gaming INTEL has found high resolution renders of ‘Flyers’, a Dragon-like creature in the Apex Legends game files.

Apex Legends Flyers Leaked

Yesterday was saw a big update in the game for the Apex Legends 1.05 Season 1 update, meaning lots of new files have been added and removed, giving dataminers fresh content to go through.

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Fans of the Titanfall series are likely to recognize the imposing figure of the four-winged beast, and eagle-eyed viewers of the Season One trailer will have noted that they could be seen flying around the map at various locations.

Renders from the game files:

Apex Legends Dragon Flyer 1 Apex Legends Dragon Flyer 2

What is a Flyer?

Flyers are gigantic winged creatures that are approximately the same size as a titan.

Found throughout multiple maps in the first Titanfall game they could be seen diving down to consume grunts and specters alike, three of them could even team up to rip apart a dropship.

The creatures could be fought by players, though without a Titan they proved to be incredibly tough opponents. A Charge Rifle was also an effective counter to the airborne creatures, able to kill a Flyer in a single strike.

What Will The Flyers Do in Apex Legends?

As it stands we do not know how the Flyers will function in Apex Legends. In the Wild Frontier trailer for Season One, it seemed as though a large swarm of the creatures were flying over Skull Town.

However at this point of the trailer, the Flyers didn’t really seem to interact with the players at all, they just flew far above the action.

The Dragon-Like creatures could be Respawn’s first attempt at some form of AI enemy, following in the footsteps of Blackout’s Zombies and Fortnite’s Cube Monsters, or they could just be a crazy new aesthetic addition to the Wild Frontier.


  1. I saw one in my game. It was carrying a loot box, and we shot it down. It was carrying a box of my friends loot that was not in my game. So maybe it just has loot from where somebody on your friends list died?


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