Apex Legends L-STAR Release Date Leaked


Datamining conducted by Gaming INTEL has found  the new Apex Legends L-STAR release date.

While looking through the files Gaming INTEL discovered a new pair of lines that referenced the new Havoc Energy Assault rifle and the yet to be released L-STAR. Both of these references had a number next to them, the Havoc a 20 and the L-STAR a 30.

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L-STAR Release Date

While it may be a bizarre coincidence, the Havoc Energy Assault rifle was released on the 20th of February. Due to this Gaming INTEL believes that the 30 beside the L-STAR line is in fact referencing the release date of the weapon.

Apex Legends L-STAR Release Date Leaked

Of course, if we are going by standard calendars, there is no such thing as the 30th of February. In which case, if our interpretation of the game files is indeed correct, the L-STAR will be released on Saturday the 2nd of March.

For those of you that didn’t play Titanfall 2, the L-STAR was a rapid fire light machine gun that used energy ammo. When players were killed by the weapon their bodies would explode, as if they had been hit by a projectile. The weapon was brutally effective in short range engagements, but fell off hard at longer ranges.

The files of the game paint the weapon in an incredibly dangerous image. By default the weapon will have 60 shots in a clip, which can be fired at a rate of 720 rounds per minute. Though the files also mention the gun will overheat if you hold the trigger down for more than 2.4 seconds, which is comparable to its Titanfall 2 iteration.

The weapon will also do 21 damage per shot to the body and 42 damage per shot to the head, putting it narrowly above the Spitfire to be the most damaging fully automatic weapon in the game. Due to these overwhelming stats, and the fact the game files make no reference to additional attachments, it is widely believed the L-STAR will only be available from care packages.


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