Apex Legends Kill Record Surpassed for Both Solo, and Squads on Console

Apex Legends Kill Record on Console

Respawn Entertainment’s iconic take on the Battle Royale genre is partly famous for the host of records it holds. This time, however, it’s the players who deserve full credit. The Apex Legends kill record has been surpassed for both solo, and squads on console.

Whilst Apex Legends was released by Respawn on February 4th, there are many players who are still attempting to acquire their first win. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that the Apex Legends kill record is going to seem extremely bizarre to some.

Apex Legends Kill Record for Squads Beaten on Console

Crusining Paladin among his two friends named Rickyjoshepbarr and Zcjp have surpassed the Apex Legends kill record for squads on console, racking up an astonishing number of eliminations, approximately two-thirds of the lobby. Alongside them securing the new Apex Legends kill record, they also managed to get the win. Although, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Apex Legends Kill Record

The reigning champions prior to this new Apex Legends kill record on console managed to obtain a whopping 39 eliminations, allegedly. The new record only merely surpasses the previous one, by 1 kill to be exact.

If you thought the most amount of kills for squads on console was incredible, then you’re in for a treat with the PC record. On PC, one trio managed to rack up a total of 41 kills, whilst also securing the win.

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Apex Legends Kill Record for Solo Surpassed

In addition to the squads kill record being beaten on console, one individual has also managed to break the solo eliminations record. Twitch streamer MrSimple has overtaken NRG player Dizzy’s record of 33 kills with an additional 1 elimination. Alongside the incredible number of kills, the streamer also achieved 6076 damage.

Whilst MrSimple was matched with another two players obviously, from the very start his intentions were to dominate by himself, without the assistance of his teammates.

To provide proof of him accomplishing this outstanding achievement, the Twitch streamer was live at the time of him setting the record.

Between console and PC for the solo eliminations record, there is a significant difference of 5 kills. To date, the current Apex Legends kill record for a solo on console is held by Casdg_ with an impressive 29 kills.

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