LEAK: Jumpkits & Survival Training Playlist Coming Soon to Apex Legends

Jumpkits & Survival Training Playlist Apex Legends

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests a new item and playlist will soon be coming to Apex Legends Battle Royale.

After digging through the in-game files, Gaming INTEL has managed to uncover a host of new upcoming additions.

Apex Legends Jumpkits Leaked

Firstly, according to the in-game files, Jumpkits are on the horizon for Apex Legends, as a floor loot item. As of yet, there is currently no indication of how these will be implemented into the game. Regarding a release date, the item is expected to make an appearance within the foreseeable future. An exact date is currently unknown.

Apex Legends Jumpkit leak

A new mode called “Classic” has also been leaked via the in-game files. The upcoming entry to the game will have Jumpkits and Wallrun enabled. There is currently no confirmation on how these Jumpkits will be. Although, one thing we do know is that one way or another it’s going to tie in with the futuristic experience Apex Legends has.

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Apex Legends Survival Training Playlist Leaked

In addition to Jumpkits, it also appears Respawn has even more goods to release. The in-game files since Apex Legends’ update have revealed an all-new Survival Training Playlist. Alongside this leak, a host of details were included:

  • Max teams 20
  • Max players – 20
  • Min players – 1
  • Number of squads in staging – 1

Apex Legends Survival Playlist Leak

Bots also appear to have been mentioned within this leak. There is also currently no indication of how they will tie in with this playlist. The potential addition of bots to the game has also been in other Apex Legends leaks.

Prior to this leak, Gaming INTEL also received exclusive information which hinted at the arrival of an all-new Survival mode. Most likely, the Apex Legends survival mode will have links with the survival training playlist.

Potentially, the training may be a way for players to adapt and get used to the basics of survival mode. Although, there is no official confirmation by Respawn yet.

What are your thoughts on the two new leaked upcoming aspects of Apex Legends? Which other features would you like to see implemented?


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