Apex Legends Jump Pads Spotted In-Game

Apex Legends Jump Pads

Back in February, a host of new leaks surfaced suggesting that Jump Pads would be coming to Apex Legends. Several players are reporting that this addition has now been added in-game.

Apex Legends Jump Pads Footage

An array of players have reported on Jump Pads being available near the Market landmark in Apex Legends. You can see the video for yourselves below.

According to the footage showcased, it appears as though the name ‘Jump Pads’ quite clearly matches its description. As soon as users make contact with it, they are sprung extremely high into the air almost instantly. It seems as if players are also pushed out quite a few meters.

We have also found the Jump Pad directly in the in-game files.

Apex Legends Jump Pad

While there hasn’t been any major updates for Apex Legends recently (as far as we’re aware), players are confused as to why this new aspect is now available in-game.

While the feature was initially leaked around one month ago, it’s believed that Jump Pads were already part of the in-game files, meaning Respawn Entertainment don’t need to release a new patch. Instead, they can make changes to the in-game settings. Interestingly, however, Respawn hasn’t announced or released any new patch notes for the game.

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Apex Legends – Octane’s Jump Pad

Leaks which surfaced prior to this indicated that Octane’s abilities would contain Launch Pads. While Octane’s release alongside Season 1 seems all but confirmed, it’s likely that Respawn intended to release Jump Pads as part of the first season. Judging by reports, however, this supposedly isn’t the case. Instead, Respawn has allegedly dropped the addition earlier than expected.

On the other hand, Respawn might have released the feature to tease players. Either way, Without any official word on the matter from them, there is no confirmation as to what has gone on here.

If this happens to be a mistake on their behalf, we can without a doubt expect to see it soon taken away from the game.


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