How to link Apex Legends to EA account – Twitch Prime

How to link EA account to Apex Legends

Many Apex Legends players will be looking to take advantage of the Twitch Prime offer with the Loot Drop available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Here we will go through the steps required to take advantage of this.

The drop includes 1 Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin and 5 Apex Packs.

How to Link Amazon Prime to Twitch

For this to work you must have a Twitch Prime account. If you already have an account jump to Step 2.

  • Step 1: Go to and if you don’t have a Prime account already, hit the ‘Try Prime’ button in the top right corner.

If you already have an Amazon Prime account you can then sign in to link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account.

How to link EA account to Apex Legends

Many are confusing linking the EA account to Twitch with linking it to Apex Legends. Once you’ve confirmed your Twitch Prime, follow the steps below. On the page

  • Step 2: Hit ‘Claim Now’ on the Loot bundle. This includes one Omega Point Pathfinder Skin + 5 Apex Packs.
  • Step 3: Once you’re signed into your Twitch Prime account, you will be asked to sign into your EA account. Tap the ‘Link accounts to use loot button’.

How to link Apex Legends to EA account

Your accounts will then be linked and you will be able to claim the loot. If you’ve forgotten your EA login email or password then you can try your PSN or Xbox Live login. Otherwise, you will have to contact EA customer service to reset.

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How to access Omega Point Pathfinder skin

  • Launch the game
  • Select Legends
  • Select Pathfinder
  • Select Skins

Here you can apply the Omega Point skin.

How to access Apex Packs

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Store
  3. Apex Packs.

Then click the button to view your remaining available Apex Packs.

If you play on multiple platforms be aware that the content will only be available to the first account you login to with the linked EA account.

Potential Issues

  • You may have a message which erroneously appears saying successfully claimed. This could be due to not correctly linking your EA account with Twitch and then refreshing the main page. This appears to be a bug but you can try unlinking accounts in your settings and logging out and in.
  • If you linked the wrong EA account for the Apex Legends loot then you can go into your Twitch settings and unlink it.


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