How Many People Play Apex legends Battle Royale?

How Many People Play Apex legends Battle Royale?

Apex Legends has taken the world by storm since its initial launch. With the game becoming increasingly popular, thus an influx of players each week, users are wondering how many people play Apex Legends Battle Royale.

Apex Legends Records, Surpassing Fortnite

The game released on February 5, 2019. Since then, Respawn has been defying all odds with the number of records they’ve been breaking, and we’re not talking about becoming the next colossal Battle Royale. The development team has surpassed even bigger achievements, one, in particular, is Epic Games’ Fortnite. Although Fortnite may have taken the world by surprise throughout the end of 2017, and 2018, with its exorbitant player base and popularity, some of the game’s records no longer withstand.

How Many People Play Apex Legends Battle Royale?

Now, let’s get into the statistics. Within 72 hours of its debut, the game managed to rack up over 10 million players. Furthermore, prior to that, it attracted 1 million unique players within the initial eight hours.

How Many People Play Apex legends Battle Royale?

As of February 11th, Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, revealed just how many people play Apex Legends Battle Royale. In a recent statement, he claims that since Apex’s launch more than 25 million players have dived into the game. In addition, over the weekend the number of users playing at one time peaked with a whopping concurrent player count of well over 2 million.

Whilst the 25 million player count was recorded several days ago, we have no doubt that this has since been increased significantly. Recent rumors and theories regarding how many people play Apex Legends are putting the game’s current player base to be roughly 30 million, which does seem about right, albeit that cannot be officially verified without any confirmation from Respawn themselves.

Apex Legends Exceeds Fortnite’s Twitch Records

What makes Apex Legends even more brilliant, the game isn’t just iconic for its unbelievable player count records. Respawn has also exceeded a host of viewership records, especially on Twitch. During Apex Legends’ Twitch Rivals event on February 4th, it managed to receive a dumbfounding 8.28 million hours watched. Most interestingly, prior to this record Fortnite were the current holders with a staggering 6.6 million, set during the second week of their Summer Skirmish event.

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If Apex Legends does continue to grow at this astonishing rate, there’s no doubt the game will surpass even more records, many of which will be set from their closest competitor, Fortnite.


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