First New Apex Legends Character Release Date Leaked

Apex Legends Character Release Date Leaked

Gaming INTEL has found evidence of a potential release date for the first new Apex Legends character, octane, and it’s closer than you might expect.

When Apex Legends released their roadmap they showed that we would be getting at least one new Legend in each one of their four seasons over the course of 2019. But other than that they gave no information about when these new apex legends characters would be released or who they would be.

Since the release of Apex Legends, Gaming INTEL has been working hard to uncover secrets from the depths of the files, and that hunt may have finally paid off.

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An area of the files, called Post Launch Playlists, may have accidentally let slip the reveal, or perhaps even the release date for the new Apex Legends character Octane.

Apex Legends Octane Release Date Leaked

The files claim that, on week 8, a new playlist will be added to the game. At this time the “Octane Preview” will be added to the game. Whether this is some form of news segment added to the games announcement page or the ability to actually buy the new Apex Legend character we do not know.

If we take “Week 8” to mean the eighth week since the release of Apex Legends then we can expect this new Apex Legend Character to pop up in our game between the 25th of March and the 1st of April.

Octane is, perhaps, the most talked about unreleased Apex Legend character in the game so far, and has been mentioned in previous leaks. These leaks seem to suggest that Octane will contain a stimpack in his abilities, an item which would give a health regeneration, reload speed and movement speed boost to a player in previous Titanfall games.

Interesting to note is that, in the leaked files that Gaming INTEL has uncovered, not only is the new Apex Legend Character Octane mentioned, but a new item known as “Jump Pads” are mentioned too. What these jump pads may or may not do is up for debate, but we will surely learn more on week 8!


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