First Look at Apex Legends L-Star Weapon Leaked

Apex Legends L-Star Weapon Leaked

Back in February, Gaming INTEL received exclusive information which suggested an L-Star Weapon was on the horizon for Apex Legends. A new image has since surfaced indicating that it is all but confirmed.

Apex Legends L-Star Weapon – LEAK

As per Gaming INTEL’s exclusive sources, the image is thought to be promotional material of the L-Star release event, which appears to showcase the upcoming weapon in-game. The leak shows off Wraith wielding the all-new weapon.

Apex Legends L-Star Image

In addition to presenting a first look at Apex Legends’ L-Star weapon, the leak also provides even more evidence that the gun will be one of the next major additions to the game.

Our exclusive source also provided an image of the L-Star being featured with a red camo. You can see this for yourselves below.

Apex Legends L-Star Image

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Release Date

As of yet, there is no official word on whether this will be coming to the game, let alone when it’ll be releasing. However, it’s believed that this new aspect will be coming to Apex Legends alongside the launch of Season 1 and the Octane character.

In other news, Respawn has confirmed that Season 1 will not be releasing today. However, its release is still expected to be just around the corner.


Details of what stats the weapon will have are currently unknown. Although, while the weapon made a predominant appearance in Titanfall 2, we may have a rough idea of how it’ll play out.

In Titanfall 2, the L-STAR had a host of features:

  • When wielding short range, players could obliterate other users with its excellent rapid fire rate.
  • The light machine gun used energy ammo.
  • If you happened to be on the other end of the gun, it certainly wouldn’t be a pleasant surprise. When killed by the weapon your body would explode into an array of different pieces.
  • While Respawn is the developers of Titanfall 2, it’s likely that the L-Star will follow suit with similar abilities in Apex Legends.

What are your thoughts on this new weapon? Are you hoping to see it make an appearance in-game very soon?


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