Apex Legends Down – Server Outage 15th March 2019

Apex Legends Servers Down - March 15th

With the new update for Season 1 pending on Apex Legends, there has been a huge server outage. Apex servers are down with reports from all platforms and all regions.

Is Apex Legends Down? March 15th

There are countless reports players can’t connect or find a game with matchmaking issues. We suspect Respawn are making changes ready for the Apex Season 1 release and what we expect to be the major 1.05 update.

You can track our live Apex Legends Server Status here.

Apex Error Messages shown:

For many users the error just states “Matchmaking, Starting Server XXXXX players in queue”. Leaving players in an continuous infinite load state with no resolution.

This error is not player specific, so don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your set up or system. This is common with pending updates on highly popular games. Many players are attempting to reconnect at once which does not help the server stress Respawn will be experiencing.

The release of Apex Legends Season 1 had been rumoured for anytime in the last few days and a pack bug even suggested it should be live already. Respawn has been no stranger to server outages since the release of the game, breaking records with player numbers in such a short period of time.

Furthermore, sources have datamined several areas of the code which have spotted more changes than usual in recent days, suggests a large update is being prepared.

We will let you know as soon as we hear any official confirmation from Respawn regarding server status or news regarding the highly anticipated Season 1 update.


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