Apex Legends Could See C4 Satchel Charge Explosives Soon | Leak

Apex Legends Satchel Charge

Gaming INTEL has uncovered the model of a Satchel Charge explosive within the Apex Legends game files.

Fans of Titanfall 2 will know that the Satchel Charge is an incredibly powerful remote explosive device. As in many first person shooters you could throw the Satchel Charge out where it would stick to walls, and in Titanfall’s case Titans, to be exploded at will.

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Now GamingINTEL has found a brand new C4 Satchel Charge model hidden in the depths of the game files.

Your immediate thought may be that this Satchel Charge might just be left over in the game files from Titanfall 2, but we can assure you that is likely not the case. After careful examination of Titanfall 2 game play and images the look of the Satchel Charge in that game is completely different.

Apex Legends Satchel Charge

As we can see here the Titanfall 2 Satchel Charge model uses bright yellows and greens on its bag, and it is closed by a buckle strap. The Apex Legends model, on the other hand, is coloured in muted green and the C4 bricks themselves are clearly visible. There is even some sort of control panel on the front. It states KN-34711 on the side view.

While the two Satchel Charge models look completely different it is likely that they will function in near identical ways, an easily ditched piece of ordnance waiting to explode on an unsuspecting passerby.

We can only hope that this Apex Legends C4 Satchel Charge is nothing more than a concept that was abandoned at the last minute, because a remote explosive doesn’t seem like the sort of weapon that would fit very well in a game like Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is all about momentum and movement, but the addition of a weapon like this would promote a decidedly campy play style. Considering how many movement options and abilities there are in Apex Legends there isn’t even any guarantee that this weapon would be effective.

Respawn Entertainment have already said that they have ditched many concepts and ideas over the course of developing Apex, we can’t know for sure if this Satchel Charge was one of them or if it will be coming in a future update.


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