Apex Legends Bots Leaked, Alongside 6, 12, and 24-Man Squads


Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information suggesting that 6, 12, and 24-man squads are coming to Apex Legends, alongside bots.

Apex Legends: 6, 12, and 24-Man Squads Leaked

Since Apex Legends’ initial launch, many players throughout the community have been demanding that we see the arrival of Quads, Solos, and Duos especially. Whilst Respawn hasn’t made comment on whether we’ll see these modes arrive in the future, all we were left with was merely theories and rumors, which didn’t really have much substance. Although, data-mines prior to this leak, in particular, suggested that all of those modes would be making an appearance sometime in the future.

One of Gaming INTEL’s exclusive data-miners, who goes by the name of @ApexGameInfo, has since managed to discover a host of other leaks via the in-game files. The biggest of which suggests Apex Legends will soon have 6, 12, and 24-man squads, albeit implementing these would seem very strange.

Apex Legends Leaks

If we’re to go by this information, it’s likely that Respawn is following suit from Fortnite, where Epic Games introduced game modes like Teams of 20 and 50vs50. For Apex Legends, it’s likely that 6-man squads in the in-game files are referring to teams of 10, whereas 12 is for teams of 5 and 24 could potentially be for teams of 3. That is, of course, depending on whatever the max player count for Apex Legends is in the near future.

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Apex Legends Bots Leaked

Furthermore, 6, 12, and 24-man squads weren’t the only things to be mentioned within the data-mined in-game files. Alongside information about squads, “bots” seem to have also been featured. Although, if the data-mines are anything to go by, they appear to only tie in with the 12 and 24-man squads, not 6.

Apex legends leaks

Despite many theories and rumors surfacing online that bots may secretly already be available in Apex Legends, that is only certain for the Training mode.

Interestingly, Respawn Entertainment has implemented bots in its previous games. Whilst that doesn’t directly suggest bots are coming to Apex Legends, it would certainly make their potential introduction become less of a surprise.

As of now, there is currently no additional information regarding how bots will be implemented into Apex Legends, albeit Gaming INTEL are in contact with numerous other exclusive sources to find out more.


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