Yes, Battle Pass Tokens should carry over to a new MW2 or Warzone 2 season. Any unspent Battle Token Tier Skips will be auto-spent on remaining rewards in the previous Battle Pass.

Everyone with Battle Pass Tokens left over and a complete Battle Pass will have their Battle Token Tier Skips carry over to the next season.

Activision has officially confirmed that any unspent Battle Pass Tier Skips will be spent on existing rewards from the season’s Battle Pass, before the new Pass is introduced.

It has not revealed which rewards will be claimed, however, the official Call of Duty Twitter account refers to a ‘pre-set path’, indicating that the choice will not be random.

We imagine that it will therefore steer clear of any COD Point rewards.

Here’s a full breakdown of how the new Battle Pass system works, and how to get Tier Skips in Call of Duty!

Do Vault Edition Battle Token Tier Skips Carry Over to Next Season?

Yes, in a Call of Duty blog, Activision confirms that Vault Edition Battle Token Tier Skips do carry over to the following season. However, multiple players are complaining that their Battle Pass Tokens are not appearing in Season 2!

However, these tokens will be spent on any remaining Season 1 Battle Pass rewards if you do not complete the previous Battle Pass.

If you still have any of the 50 Vault Edition skips left to use, they will be available in future Battle Passes.

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Do Battle Pass Tokens Expire in Warzone 2 & MW2?

Yes, Battle Pass Token Tier Skips do expire at the end of a season, but any unused tokens will simply be spent on content in the Battle Pass automatically.

The 50 Battle Pass skips from the Vault Edition do not expire and will roll over to the next season, assuming there are no rewards left to claim in your Battle Pass.

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