Baleful Fragments are some of the most useful items in Diablo 4, used for upgrading legendary weapons. Here’s where to get them:

If you’ve already had a legendary weapon drop in your return to Sanctuary, you’ll almost certainly want to get it upgraded ASAP.

To do this, you’ll need a variety of materials but one in particular is giving players trouble. Baleful Fragments are one of the rarest crafting components that Diablo 4 has to offer.

Thankfully, there’s a surefire way to get your hands on them.

Where to Find Baleful Fragments in Diablo 4

The only way to get Baleful Fragments in Diablo 4 is by salvaging legendary weapons.

However, not every weapon will provide a Baldeful Fragment, and the material appears to have a low drop rate.

That means that Diablo 4 players may need to salvage a handful of legendary weapons to upgrade a single one to max level.

Where to Find Baleful Fragments in Diablo 4

To salvage a legendary weapon, simply find a Blacksmith in any major town, select the Pickaxe icon, and choose your weapon from your inventory.

Not only will this remove the item, but it’ll also provide raw materials (potentially including Baleful Fragments).

Salvage Materials Diablo 4

Bear in mind that Baleful Fragments do not drop when salvaging other legendary-tier loot, such as armor. Only weapons have the potential to break down into the crafting component.

Baleful Fragments Drop Rate Complaints

Already, Diablo 4 players have begun complaining about the Baleful Fragments drop rates online. Right now, the exact drop rate for Baleful Fragments when dismantling legendary weapons is unknown.

We’ll update this article if any accurate stats become available.

How to Use Baleful Fragments in Diablo 4

Baleful Fragments are only used to upgrade legendary weapons in Diablo 4, and only for the weapon’s fourth and final upgrade. Upgrading weapons can be done from any Blacksmith location in Sanctuary.

Alongside Iron, Silver, and Veiled Crystals, the final upgrade will require Baleful Fragments, meaning you’ll need to tear apart some of your other legendary weapons in order to bolster a single one.

It’s quite the sacrifice so make sure you upgrade only the best of your gear!

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